Marco Rubio endorses George Allen in Arlington

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It might look like a current and former senator just catching up. But don't be fooled.

PHOTOS: Debate for Virginia's GOP U.S. Senate candidates

PHOTOS: Debate for Virginia's GOP U.S. Senate candidates 16 Photos
PHOTOS: Debate for Virginia's GOP U.S. Senate candidates

This is another telling sign that the entire nation is watching Virginia, with GOP darling Marco Rubio Thursday being the latest to chime in.

During a stop at an Arlington florist, Rubio endorsed GOP candidate George Allen.

"Everything that happens here sets a national tone as well so it's critically important and then you have a chance to elect someone like George Allen to the senate who's going to be a leader from day one, he's not going to need an orientation course,” Rubio says.

When asked how much Rubio will be seen on the campaign trail, he replied he’ll be anywhere he’s asked – and will stay away if that’s helpful too.

Allen said he was happy with the endorsement.

"I think it'll help us a great deal,” Allen says of Rubio. “He's the type of person people say, ‘who are you going to associate with, for example, in Washington’ if I'm hired on."

Allies also abound in the form of ads. The newest, from a GOP superpac, hammers Allen’s challenger Tim Kaine for his close relationship with the president.

Get ready Virginia: One expert says political spots and campaign costs will add up to $60, maybe $100 million in Virginia.

Kaine claims he's being outspent 18 to 1.

"At the end of the day, I know George wants to nationalize the race but I think most Virginia voters are going to make it a George Allen, Tim Kaine comparison and I encourage them to do it,” Kaine says. “If they do, we feel very very good about our chances of winning."

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