Top 10 first-date turnoffs: Put down your phone, experts say

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We all know that text messaging can be one of the most dangerous things one can do while behind the wheel of a car.

It can also be highly hazardous to your love life, according to a survey from HowAboutWe.com.

Most of the 100,000 people who voted in the survey say that texting or talking on a cell phone while on a first date is the ultimate deal-breaker.

The full top ten things never to do on a first date, according to the survey, were:

2) Anything having to do with sex
3) Talking about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend
4) Tardiness
5) Being rude to a server
6) Drinking too much
7) Attempting to split the check
8) Talking about your job
9) Talking about your mother
10) Talking about marriage or a wedding

On Friday's edition of Let's Talk Live on NewsChannel 8, Natasha Barrett and Melanie Hastings will be joined by Erika Ettin, a professional dating coach and founder of ALittleNudge.com, to talk about first date etiquette.

In the meantime, put the phone down.

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