AIDS protesters march in D.C.

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It’s a call to action to end the AIDS epidemic.

AIDS conference in D.C.

AIDS conference in D.C. 23 Photos
AIDS conference in D.C.

PHOTOS: Protesters march for more AIDS funding

PHOTOS: Protesters march for more AIDS funding 27 Photos
PHOTOS: Protesters march for more AIDS funding

Thousands of people are marching through the streets of the nation’s capital to the White House, demanding more funding to end AIDs.

Needing to be a part of what he calls, a historic march, Charles Bay came down from Philadelphia.

"If the policies change and if enough money and resources put into it, we can end HIV AIDS,” Bay says.

Organizers say what’s needed is a tax on Wall Street. It’s something they’re pushing for during the International AIDS conference this week.

“I worked with AIDS for 12 years and women have the greatest burden,” says sister Mary Knoll of D.C.

Groups left from five different locations and converged on Lafayette Square across from the White House.

They moved through the crowd collecting objects for their civil disobedience wrapped in red ribbons, items like HIV pill bottles, dollar bills, condoms - which they then massed and took across the street and began tying to the White House fence.

The vast majority of the protesters left at park police commands, but 13 chose to stay and chant and were arrested for blocking a sidewalk. The park police obliged it was all very orderly.

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