Barcroft celebrates the Fourth and getting their power back

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In one Arlington neighborhood, the Fourth of July celebration came with a bit of storm recovery mixed in.

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Uncle Sam rides a red sled in the Barcroft parade in Arlington. Photo: Kimberly Suiters/ABC7

In Barcroft they're actually celebrating their response to the crisis.

The color guard and Uncle Sam made it look official, but Barcroft's 25th annual parade had a decidedly different theme this year.

Neighbors say they're so grateful to have their power back that they built floats honoring Dominion Virginia Power.

"They've worked hard in miserable conditions," says Lisa Fesser. "It's been very hot."

They even cheered a power company truck as it rolled by.

"That's what surprised me," says Dan Donovan of Dominion. "Parts of the neighborhood without electricity and we're still getting cheered."

The crisis is not over, but the neighbors of Barcroft say they came together, they showed compassion, and they rediscovered where power comes from. It comes from the people.

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