Jodi Evans, Prince George's County 4th grader, helps kids stay active and healthy

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Gabrills 4th grader Jodi Evans takes her lessons from Tae Kwon Do and helps others stay active. Photo: ABC7

Jody Evans, a 9-year-old Prince George's County fourth grader, loves Tae Kwon Do. She enjoys it so much that she spends four days a week practicing with her coach, Master Chien.

It's also part of what keeps her healthy, and now Jodi wants to pass on the techniques she has learned to help combat childhood obesity. Evans is one of 20 kids nationwide selected to serve on the Youth Advisory Board for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

The goal of the Alliance is to come up with ways to inspire young people to make healthy choices. They want to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015.

"My role is mostly to be a leader in my community and to help kids stay active and eat healthy," Jodi said.

One way she plans on doing that is sharing some of the tricks she uses in her everyday life; one of those is simply mixing up the foods that she likes with ones that she doesn't necessarily enjoy, but are good for her.

Jodi's parents say they've already seen how her habits in the martial arts studio carry over into other areas of her life.

"My daughter has an opportunity to be a positive effect (and) a role model - to be a good influence and show others through her work," Codi Evans, Jodi's father, said.

They know that she'll be able to pass her knowledge on to others in her community.

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