'Finding Nemo 3-D' release this weekend expecting big gate

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Today’s weekly visit to the cinematic pop-culture world finds a revamped movie, a darkly complex movie, a Kate Middleton update, many other things, and the mystery music video.

CASH COW: That’s the plan for new “Finding Nemo 3-D,” per The Hollywood Reporter, “The Oscar-winning Nemo, directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, is the latest movie from the Disney and Pixar vaults to undergo a 3D make-over. The Lion King, released exactly one year ago in a new 3D version, proved its continuing appeal by opening in the top slot and pulling in $30.2 million in the first weekend of its rerelease. Beauty and the Beast, also freshened up with 3D, returned to theaters in January, taking in $17.8 million on its first weekend.” http://bit.ly/QXTRm2

MEANWHILE: A review of “The Master,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, which has a limited release this weekend, per the New York Times, “Paul Thomas Anderson’s imposing, confounding and altogether amazing new film is partly concerned with the life and work of one Lancaster Dodd, leader of a therapeutic, quasi-religious cult known as the Cause. Dodd’s “process,” a stew of Freud, hypnosis and carnival sideshow mumbo-jumbo, is based on a kind of mental time travel.” http://nyti.ms/OuCNDi

AND THIS: Another take, per the Los Angeles Times, “This is a superbly crafted film that's at times intentionally opaque, as if its creator didn't want us to see all the way into its heart of darkness. It's a film bristling with vivid moments and unbeatable acting, but its interest is not in tidy narrative satisfactions but rather the excesses and extremes of human behavior, the interplay of troubled souls desperate to find their footing.” http://lat.ms/OuD35t

AND ALSO THIS: Still more positive words, per Entertainment Weekly, “The movie may not even be fully comprehensible on first viewing, the bigger patterns in the narrative and the rhythms of the filmmaking revealing themselves more fully and clearly only with a return visit. Even then The Master is enigmatic.” http://bit.ly/QLAgTF

KATE MIDDLETON: French mag’s publication of her topless sunbathing prompts quick response from its sister publication, per TMZ, “Closer magazine has a UK version as well, which IMMEDIATELY DISTANCED itself from its French counterpart, saying it would "like to make it clear that the two publications make entirely independent editorial decisions. In this respect the comments made by the Editor of the French edition which have reported in the media today do not reflect the opinions of Closer magazine UK." http://tmz.me/PpNL8j

GO, GO, GODZILLA: What a concept, per Deadline Hollywood, “Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have set their reboot on the Godzilla franchise for May 16, 2014. And it will be in 3D.” http://bit.ly/RPmKAp

STAR-STUDDED: Don’t curb your enthusiasm, per Deadline TV, “Larry David has finally lifted the veil of secrecy on his upcoming movie for HBO. It will be titled Clear History, and, along with the long-rumored Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton, its cast will feature a slew of other big names. Joining star David will be Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Phillip Baker Hall, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, Curb Your Enthusiasm standout JB Smoove as well as Hamm and Keaton.” http://bit.ly/R41Jg7

NFL: This one has potential to embarrass the league, per Mashable Entertainment, “Sports fans are a tried-and-true subject for compelling sports stories. But a documentary project currently underway puts a new twist on the genre by encouraging fans themselves to provide the footage from their mobile devices. Called “The Season of Your Life,” it will follow Detroit Lions fans during the current NFL season. The project claims to be the first “social” sports documentary, and asks fans to upload footage they shoot to the film’s website.” http://on.mash.to/PAygy1

BOX-OFFICE BLUES?: Nah, not really, per The Wrap, “Moviegoers might have been stunned by last weekend's headlines citing the worst box-office numbers since the weeks after 9/11, but no one in the movie business is hitting the panic button. Steady revenue streams have never been part of the studios' game plan, and seasonal dead zones at the box office have been a reality for decades.” http://bit.ly/Ub3JVJ

STAIRWAY TO BIG SCREEN: Might go, might not, per Rolling Stone, “Led Zeppelin fans hoping that the band would announce a new tour this week will have to settle for the next best thing: a theatrical release of their 2007 one-night-only reunion concert. Entitled Celebration Day, the film will be released on 1,500 screens on October 17th.” http://bit.ly/QoVIM6

THE WINNER: Of America’s Got Talent, per People, “This season went to the dogs – the Olate Dogs, that is. The pack of acrobatic animals and their two trainers outlasted comedian Tom Cotter, who finished as the runner-up. William Close and the Earth Harp Collective placed third, David Garibaldi and his CMYKs fourth, Joe Castillo fifth and The Untouchables sixth.” http://bit.ly/OMz140

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video. http://bit.ly/Pg77Pe

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)

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