Bikeshare services highest in D.C., study shows

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 The wheels keep spinning in D.C.

A new study is showing that Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare program tops the nation’s bike sharing networks. Bikesharing, the Federal Highway Administration report defines as a service where bikes are provided so that users can use the bikes for point-to-point transportation for short trips.

The bikes are distributed at different points throughout a city through bike sharing stations. Members can join through an annual membership or through a day or per-use charge, which they classify as "casual members."

While the numbers are not reflective of the most recent data (as bikeshare locations and stops are constantly being added), D.C. tops the list. 

City Bikeshare Stations Bikes available Annual members Casual members
D.C./Arlington Capital Bikeshare 140 1,200 19,200 105,644
Boston Hubway 60 600 3,600 30,000
Minneapolis Nice Ride 145 1,300 3,521 37,103
Denver B-Cyle 52 520 2,659 40,600
Miami Beach Deco Bike 91 800 2,500 338,828
Boulder B-Cyle 15 110 1,171 6,200
San Antonio B-Cyle 23 200 1,000 2,800

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