Providence pup hit, trapped in car's grill for 11 miles

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(CNN) A Providence pooch is doggone lucky after she was hit by a car just a week ago.

East Providence Animal Control says the driver was going 50 miles per hour when they hit the poodle mix near the Segregansett Country Club in Taunton. They kept driving without realizing the dog was clinging to life inside the car’s grill.

Eleven miles later someone flagged the driver down. Surprisingly, the dog was OK, despite being wedged inside the grill and holding onto the front bumper.

Will Muggle, an Animal Control officer, tried pulling the dog out, not sure if she’d survive, but amazingly, she was unscathed. Her concussion has cleared up and a minor bladder issue has been fixed.

Muggle says the dog has a microchip and collar, but he hasn’t been able to find her owner.

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