2012 Election: First Lady Michelle Obama camapigns in Virginia

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HAMPTON, Va. (AP) - On a solo campaign swing in closely divided Virginia, Michelle Obama is presenting her husband as the candidate of middle-class opportunity who "understands the American dream because he's lived it."

PHOTOS: President Obama rallies at GMU

PHOTOS: President Obama rallies at GMU 10 Photos
PHOTOS: President Obama rallies at GMU

The first lady came through Friday on a rare day when the presidential battleground got a respite from visits from the big four. That ends Saturday when President Barack Obama and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan hold rallies.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney spent the day in Virginia on Thursday. On issues from college aid to health care, Michelle Obama says the president has governed from a philosophy that economic inequality shouldn't hinder future opportunity.

Romney surrogates gathered at a GOP call center earlier to criticize Obama's policies as leading to a slower economic recovery.

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