Fairfax County election results 2012

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Check back often for the latest returns on races and votes on the ballot in Fairfax County.

President of the United States
100% precincts reporting

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan R 40%
Barack Obama/Joe Biden D 59%
Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer C 0%
Gary Johnson/James Gray L 1%
Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala G 0%

United States Senator
100% precincts reporting

George F. Allen R 39%
Tim M. Kaine D 61%

United States Representative: 8th District
100% precincts reporting

J. Patrick Murray R 34%
Jim Moran D 62%
Janet Murphy G 2%
Jason Howell I 2%

United States Representative: 10th District
100% precincts reporting

Frank R. Wolf R 59%
Kristin A. Cabral D 38%
J. Kevin Chisholm I 3%

United States Representative: 11th District
100% precincts reporting

Chris S. Perkins R 37%
Gerald E. Connolly D 59%
Peter M. Marchetti IG 1%
Joe F. Galdo Jr. G 1%
Christopher F. DeCarlo I 1%
Mark T. Gibson I 1%

Constitutional Amendment Question 1
Requirement that eminent domain only be exercised where property taken or damaged is for public use.
100% precincts reporting

Yes 63%
No 37%

Constitutional Amendment Question 2
Delay by no more of one week the fixed starting date for the General Assembly veto session
100% precincts reporting

Yes 80%
No 20%

Storm Drainage Improvements Bonds
To build a levee and pumping station to protect Huntington from flooding
100% precincts reporting

Yes 77%
No 23%

Library Bonds
To renovate three libraries and build a fourth
100% precincts reporting

Yes 70%
No 30%

Parks Bonds
To expand and improve county and regional parks
100% precincts reporting

Yes 72%
No 28%

Public Safety Bonds
To rebuild three fire stations and renovate 22 courtrooms
100% precincts reporting

Yes 75%
No 25%

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