Presidential election 2012: Report voting problems across the D.C. area

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Polls across the nation and the Washington, D.C. area are open and humming, and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to cast their ballot without a problem.

However, if you have an issue, we want to hear about it. The map below shows reports from viewers and WJLA.com visitors like you about their trouble at the polls on Tuesday.

You can contribute your experience in the following ways:

On the Internet: Log on to www.wjla.com/pollproblems and click on "Submit a Report" in the navigation bar.
On your smartphone: Go to www.wjla.com/pollproblems from your smartphone, tap on "Submit a Report" and fill out the short form.
Twitter: Tweet your issue to @ABC7News with the hashtag #pollproblems
Email us: Email your voting issue to pollproblems@gmail.com.

You can see all the responses and issues, from long lines at polling places to ballot problems to voter intimidation, as they come in on the map below.

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