Josephine Gay, Sandy Hook victim, was Md. native

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One of the young victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a Maryland native. Josephine "Joey" Gay, who had turned 7 three days before a gunman opened fire in her school, was born in Columbia. Her mother is a graduate of Centennial High School.

County Executive Ken Ulman presents a dogwood tree which will be sent to the Newtown community. Photo: Howard County Government
Josephine's family says she will be remembered for her "indomitable" spirit. Photo: RIP Josephine Gay Sandy Hook Massacre Victim Facebook page.

Friends and family say the girl's favorite color was purple because she grew up surrounded by Ravens fans.

Josephine and her family moved to Conn. four years ago.

One week after the shooting, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman presented a dogwood tree from the county's "Blossoms of Hope" program. It will be delivered to the Newtown, Conn. community as a gesture of sympathy and solidarity.

The tree will be delivered by a county resident who grew up in Newtown and went to Sandy Hook.

Howard County Government employees also observed a moment of silence for the victims Friday morning.

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