Russian meteor: Insurance covers your house, car in most cases

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More than a thousand people were injured and property was damaged and destroyed Friday when a meteor apparently exploded over the Ural Mountain region of Russia.

Several structures suffered major damage in Friday morning's meteor incident. Photo: Associated Press/

Such events in the grand scheme of things are so rare that they barely ever cross our mind. However, you should probably know that if stuff falls from space and causes damage to your home or car, your insurance likely covers it.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most standard homeowners and auto insurance policies cover things such as "space junk" or falling objects. Specifically, the III says that "satellites, asteroids, meteors and space debris are covered under standard homeowners and business insurance policies."

Moreover, the III says that if a meteor were to crush your car, the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy has got your back.

And, yes, the III says that if you are personally struck by space junk, your health insurance will cover it.

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