Cherry blossoms slow to appear, but parking tickets bloom

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If you're heading down to check out the cherry blossoms, you may want to go early, or leave your car at home.

After traveling across the country and navigating through crowds and traffic, many tourists were let down by this year's cherry blossoms -- or lack thereof.

Photographers, in particular, were monumentally disappointed by the scaffolding surrounding the Washington Monument.

And instead of seeing pink on the trees, group after group discovered pink on their windshields - in the form of parking tickets.

Along 23rd Street NW, near the State Department, drivers have to press up against a wall to check enforcement hours. And many meters have no information or incorrect information about Saturday meter rules.

Despite the confusion, parking enforcement issued ticket after ticket, mostly to cars from out of state.

The flowers aren't in full bloom yet, but for many visitors the grass is still greener. They were enjoying a beautiful spring day on Saturday.

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