John Diehl pleads guilty to August 2011 hit-and-run

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A former D.C. police officer pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges stemming from an August 2011 hit-and-run in Northeast Washington that injured a bicyclist. 

Police say on the morning of August 31, John Diehl drove alongside a bicyclist in the 3000 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE and cursed at him for being in the middle lane. He then drove his truck into the cyclist's lane, striking him and knocking him off his bike. Diehl admits he drove off without stopping.

Luckily for the cyclist, his camera caught a tag number, which was traced to Diehl.

Diehl's plea includes 25 hours of community service, anger management counseling, completion of a drivers' safety course, and alcohol and drug treatment if necessary.

The victim suffered a shoulder injury, road rash, and scrapes scrapes and bruises. 

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