U Street NW bomb threat investigated

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D.C. Police on Friday investigated a bomb threat on U Street in NW.

The bomb threat was in the 70 block of U Street. Sources tell ABC7 that a man was attempting to make bombs inside a townhome.

The fire department blocked off North Capitol and 1st street.

Sources explained that a man inside the home claimed he was being threatened by someone in the community. So he allegedly tried to make bombs using household materials including lighters baking soda and lighter fluid. They said another resident came home and discovered the homemade bombs and immediately called for help.

A man who was at the home said the man who called 911 wasn’t home. Another resident who rents space at the home said he walked home from work to check out what was going on after he saw a post on a blog about the alleged bomb threat.

Members of the D.C. fire department, police bomb squad and the arson task force, including the ATF and FBI, safely removed the unknown number of devices. But sources said it was difficult to know their full potential effect without detonating them first.

What could have happened worried neighbors like Helen Wade who runs an organization for at-risk girls just a few doors down

“It could have shook this house we could have had some windows blown out and we had some youth in here someone could've been hurt,” Wade says.

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