Cicadas 2013: Cicadas in Virgnia, Maryland but not D.C.

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It is the sound of late spring in parts of our area. The chirping of cicadas.

Cicada photos from D.C. area

Cicada photos from D.C. area 44 Photos
Cicada photos from D.C. area

In Fred Reynolds Springfield neighborhood, the big bugs are in the trees and on the sidewalk.

There's almost no escaping them.

Yet just 18 miles away at Michael Zuiker's Arlington bird supply store, his tongue in cheek cicada tour '13 t-shirts aren't selling like they did a decade ago.

There’s a lack of interest because of a lack of bugs.

“We were really excited because we really had a lot of fun with it and then we thought they were coming and about two weeks ago our customers told us, ‘no we don't think they're coming inside the Beltway,’” he says.

Some portions of northern and central Virginia have seen cicadas, as has southern Maryland.

But the metro area for the most part has been without.

The weather may play a role in the late arrival.

“It’s been a strange spring with hot and cold and hot but mostly the cicadas will not emerge until the weather is consistently warm or hot,” says Gary Hevel, a Smithsonian Entomologist.

The areas that do have cicadas will start to see the noise and the bugs taper off within the next week or so.

Those who haven't seen cicadas probably won't see them for another decade.

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