Don Bosco Christo Rey High School partners with local businesses

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Every Friday, instead of going to school, some local students go to work at Patton Boggs law firm in Northwest D.C.

Student Nyideh Richardson says it's interesting to be able to tell her friends that she’s heading off to work.

Don Bosco Christo Rey High School partners with local businesses to give students real work experience.

“It gives me more skills to like to apply to a real job in the real world,” says student worker Anthony Allauca.

Kelsey Leasure, HR Coordinator, says it’s great having the students come in and help.

Father Steve, president of Don Bosco Christo Rey, is the driving force behind the school, which takes low-income students from 53 zip codes around the D.C. metro area.

“Some have to care for siblings and their families,” Father Steve says. “So, when they come here it's a safe place. They feel empowered and the work program gives them the confidence and motivation to stay in school.”

The transformations, says Father Steve, are profound.

“We have students coming to us two years behind academically, and then now we realize 100% accepted to college,” he says, adding the student believe “now my life doesn't seem like it's dark, but it's bright.”

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