Powerball numbers, do you have the winning formula?

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So you didn’t win the historic Powerball jackpot. But do you still think you have a winning formula?

ABC7 ran into quite a few people Saturday night who were certain they had the right formula to pick those lucky numbers.

“I actually wear a special cologne. It’s called Abundance,” said one man at the Tenley Mini Market. “And every time I put that on I always hit the numbers.”

Mark Barrett of Arlington studies his Powerball form like a mathematician. He has a very special formula.

“My mom’s birthday and my friend’s mother’s birthday are almost the same numbers but backwards,” said Barrett.

Gary Reyes uses the circuit rider approach. He picks up a few tickets at every stop.

If no one had won had picked the right numbers Saturday night, the jackpot would have grown to $925 million next week.

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