'Angry Trayvon' game removed from Google Play store

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A controversial smartphone game that depicted a Trayvon Martin character getting into violent fights has been pulled from the Google Play store, its makers said Monday.

The 'Angry Trayvon' game was the subject of outrage, leading to its removal. Photo:

The makers of "Angry Trayvon," which was available in the Google Play store for Android phones, said on the game's Facebook page said that everything associated with the game was being scuttled.

"This was just an action game for entertainment," the statement said. "This was by no means a racist game."

Fast Company reports that the game was first made available around Christmastime last year. The most recent Facebook post before the game's removal touted "cheaper weapons" being available for purchase inside the game.

In the game, a character sporting a gray hooded sweatshirt - a nod to the clothing Travyon was wearing when he was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla. on Feb. 26, 2012 - goes around various cities and attacks people.

The game was the subject of a petition demanding its removal.

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