ICC toll scofflaws costing Maryland millions of dollars

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Hundreds of thousands of drivers have traversed the Intercounty Connector without paying the toll over the past 18 months, according to a WTOP study.

In documents obtained by WTOP's Ari Ashe, more than 862,000 drivers have failed to pay the toll on the 14-mile highway, which opened in late 2011.

The scofflaws have put the state of Maryland out millions of dollars, but the unpaid tolls only represent about 4 percent of all tolls in that time period, WTOP says.

Driving the entire length of the ICC can cost drivers anywhere from $1.60 during overnight hours to $4 during peak periods, with toll rates falling at various prices in between depending on time of day and distance. There are no tollbooths on the road; rather, all tolls must be paid via EZPass.


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