Bulletproof white boards to be purchased by University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is spending $60,000 to buy white boards that can stop bullets, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Each bulletproof white board costs $299. Photo: Hardwire LLC

The Princess Anne, Md. school says that the purchase is being made in the name of potential campus violence, which officails call a "reality."

Campus administrators tell the Sun that shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. served as a catalyst for them to take extra precautions.

These 18-by-20 inch white boards, which are produced by Maryland-based Hardwire, can be used as a sort of shield for students and teachers.

According to Hardwire's website, each bulletproof white board costs $299, meaning that the school is likely purchasing about 200 of the boards.


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