Dog thrown from Prince William County balcony, needs $2,600 surgery

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DALE CITY, Va. (WJLA) - A border collie at the Prince William County Animal Shelter is recovering from injuries he sustained when he was thrown off a balcony last Thursday, breaking his leg in four places.

Officials aren't sure who owns Dexter, as they've named him, but he already has many new friends and potential new owners. 

“[Doctors] performed surgery on him on Saturday and they put four pins in his leg. He now has a cast on, which he has to keep on for at least three weeks,” says Capt. Dawn Harman, the Prince William County Police Department's Animal Control bureau director.

Police say a man leaving for work near Caroline and George streets saw someone toss a bundle off of a two-story apartment landing into the parking lot below. 

"They saw a figure throw something black into a parking lot and then they heard a loud squealing, yelping, and they were kind of frightened and said, "What was that noise?'" Harman says. 

The man scooped Dexter up and took him to the vet. 

Dexter ended up at the Prince William County Animal Shelter, though Harman is keeping him at her home for now. 

The shelter is getting call after call from people wanting to help Dexter.  Donations are being accepted to defray the $2,600 surgery bill. Dexter will also require follow-up vet visits and maybe even therapy. If you'd like to help Dexter, click here.

The young dog was not wearing a collar or ID, but he showed no signs of abuse. He will be available for adoption Friday. 

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