Naked Juice lawsuit settled for $9 million

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The makers of Naked Juice have settled a class-action lawsuit that claimed the prominent juicemaker was promoting products as all natural that really weren't.

The makers of Naked Juice settled the lawsuit for $9 million. Photo: Jeff Taylor/Wikimedia Commons

According to the Huffington Post, PepsiCo, the company that makes Naked Juice settled the lawsuit for $9 million, which includes the payout of up to $45 to people who purchased the product between Sept. 27, 2007 and Aug. 19, 2013. If parties can produce a proof-of-purchase, that total goes up to $75.

As part of the settlement, PepsiCo will no longer label Naked Juice as being "all natural" or containing "all-natural fruits," according to

On its Facebook page, the makers of Naked Juice say that their all-natural claims refer to the fruits and vegetables in their drinks and not the vitamins added.

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