Mei Xiang's panda cub nursing well, has strong lungs

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Mei Xiang's new panda cub at the National Zoo has a strong set of lungs and is nursing well, zoo officials say. 

Mei Xiang's panda cub cries on the floor of their den early Thursday. Photo: National Zoo

Mei Xiang's panda cub has first exam

Mei Xiang's panda cub has first exam 9 Photos
Mei Xiang's panda cub has first exam

Vigilant panda cam observers caught Mei placing her new cub on the floor of her den around 3:30 a.m. Thursday. The cub, born Aug. 23, began squawking until Mei carefully picked it up and cradled it. 

Watch Mei Xiang and her cub on the Giant Panda Cam.

The cub has a round belly, which lets the panda team know that it is nursing well. Its loud crying indicates the cub has a great set of lungs. 

Zoo officials say Mei is much more aware of the keepers when they enter her den to offer her food. She drank 56 oz. Wednesday, which is a good sign that the new mother is doing well.

Video: National Zoo

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