Middletown High School boosters raffling house to raise athletic funding

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Middletown High School's athletic boosters are trying to raise money to update its lacking athletic facilities, and to do so, they're giving a house away.

The home the boosters are giving away has a value of $475,000. Photo: Middletown High School Boosters/

Literally. A house.

Supporters have the chance to buy a $100 raffle ticket in their "Dream Home Raffle," according to their website. The winner of the raffle - provided that the boosters sell 6,000 tickets, according to WTOP - will get a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home in Middletown.

The 3,224-square-foot colonial has a two-car garage, hardwood floor, a covered porch and a rear wood deck.

Keith Powell, the president of the Middletown High School Sports Club, told WTOP that they've already sold more than 3,700 tickets with a deadline of Sept. 13 to get to 6,000.

The home has a value of $475,000.

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