Tyree Lincoln Smith draws 60 years in cannibalism case

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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) - A Florida man found not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of a homeless man he admitted killing and partially eating has been committed for up to 60 years in a Connecticut psychiatric hospital.

In this arrest mug released by the Lynn Haven, Fla. Police Dept. shows Tyree Lincoln Smith on Monday, Jan. 23. 2012. Smith was arrested after arriving from Bridgeport, CT. where he allegedly killed and ate a homeless man in that city. AP Photo.

The Connecticut Post reports that a three-judge panel in Bridgeport could have ordered Tyree Lincoln Smith released. But Superior Court Judge John Kavanewsky said Monday that if Smith were discharged, he'd be a danger to himself and others.

State's Attorney John Smriga said he was concerned Smith would kill and eat others if he were freed.

Smith apologized, saying he's "really sorry" for the December 2011 killing of Angel Gonzalez. Gonzalez' body was found on the third floor of an abandoned home in Bridgeport.

Smith grew up in Bridgeport and Ansonia and lived in California and Florida.

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