Government shutdown 2013: Pentagon wasted $600 million during shutdown

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At least $600 million in productivity and other costs inside the Department of Defense went to waste due to the government shutdown, its comptroller tells Federal News Radio.

DoD Comptroller Robert Hale said that his estimate of $600 million in lost productivity is conservative and is likely the result of civilian furloughs, among other things that are difficult to quantify.

"We built up interest payments because we were forced to pay vendors late," Hale told Federal News Radio. "We had to fly people back from canceled training classes and then send them right back again."

These losses are reported despite the fact that many Pentagon workers were back on the job early in the shutdown. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called hundreds of thousands of civilian employees back to work just a week into the government closure.

Standard and Poor's estimates that the 16-day shutdown, which ended Thursday morning, cost America upwards of $24 billion.

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