Christopher Martin sentenced to 29 years for mother's murder

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(WJLA) - A Washington man was sentenced Friday to 29 years in prison for murdering his mother in 2010. 

Prosecutors say Christopher Martin, 27, stabbed Patricia Ann Martin, 58, to death inside a home on 4th Street SE on May 20, 2010. 

According to police, Martin's younger brother escaped from a second-floor window of the home and told a neighbor that he had been beaten by his brother and that his mother had been stabbed. 

When police entered the apartment, it became apparent that Martin had tried to conceal his crime. Police say the victim's body was covered by several blankets, cleanser, dryer sheets, bleach, odor-eating gels, and room deodorizers.

Martin was arrested and charged. In June, he was found guilty of second-degree murder while armed, assault with a deadly weapon, and simple assault.

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