Metro Red line delays stretch to 30 minutes near Woodley Park

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(WJLA) - Commuters on Metro's Red line continue to face major delays because of a low hanging wire at the Woodley Park station.

Trains were forced to single track between Van Ness and Dupont Circle due to the issue, and a WMATA spokesperson says that the wire made it impossible for trains to pass through that section of track.

The hanging cable is part of a communications system that supports radio transmissions through tunnels in the Metrorail system. No trains ever came into contact with the wire.

Residual delays are exceeding 30 minutes throughout the line, Metro officials said on Twitter. During a normal morning rush, trains pass through the Woodley Park station at a rate of one every three minutes, officials say.

Because of the issues, some trains were forced to offload at some stations near the area of the problem.

Riders on Twitter say that they were stranded at packed stations for delayed trains.

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