Mike Pantelides wins Annapolis mayoral race

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Tallies by the Board of Canvassers show that Republican challenger Mike Pantelides has won the Annapolis mayoral race by 59 votes.

Republican Mike Pantelides, left, and incumbent Democrat Josh Cohen, right.

Friday's unofficial vote count, which included absentee and provisional ballots, showed Pantelides with 3,934 and Mayor Josh Cohen with 3,875.

Cohen congratulated Pantelides in person shortly after the count was finished and said he respects the will of the voters.

Pantelides had led by 84 votes on Election Day on Tuesday, but that lead was cut to 82 votes after a report of a misreported vote and a count of votes from a broken voting machine.

Pantelides said in a statement Friday that Cohen has offered to help with the transition. Pantelides will be sworn in next month.

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