Preston Williams, firefighter battling cancer, will not receive MCM medal

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(WJLA) - A local firefighter who decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer for the third time has found out he will not receive a finisher's medal.

Preston Williams says he completed the 26.2-mile course. 

"I made sure the cancer didn't stop me," he says. "I made sure the chemo didn't stop me."

Williams, who is battling Stage 3 prostate cancer, gave the marathon his everything. It was his first marathon, and he made it to the finish line in 7 hours and 20 minutes. 

But when he got to the finish line, he was told they were out of medals and promised he'd get one in the mail. But the medal never came. 

According to race policy, Williams didn't make it to an area known as the Gauntlet by 12:35 p.m. Those runners who don't make it are diverted to a shorter course and don't receive medals, a Marine Corps Marathon spokesperson explained.

But Williams says he was not diverted and insists he ran the entire course. 

Williams, who says he's not angry or looking for pity, just wants clarification as to why he didn't receive a medal.

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