Silver Spring's tree of toys to be donated to charity

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SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - Christmas traditions are different for everyone, but in downtown Silver Spring there is no balsam fir or silver tinsel. This year's yuletide comes in colors like pink and purple. 

“I just like that it's not the actual Christmas tree. It's toys,” says Shaedelle Dorsett, a Silver Spring, Md. resident. 

The 30-foot tree is topped with Legos and a hoop instead of an angel.

“Reminds me of when I was putting together toys at Christmas,” say Branford Brown. 

A Minnesota artist zip-tied and drilled five xylophones, 10 sports balls, and 12 helmets, just to name a few. And though we haven't seen any snow this season, there are plenty of sleds. 

Many treasures are reclaimed or found, and most of the toys will go to charity once the holidays are over. 

“It's actually good to know it’s going to charity to be put to good use,” Dorsett says. 

It's the second time downtown Silver Spring property managers have reimagiend the holidays. 

An exhibit that’s decidedly non-traditional is evoking the emotions we’ve come to expect at Christmas. 

“Very real, very poignant,” says Jean Ann Boyce, of Laurel.

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