Delta to honor extra-low 'mistake fares'

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ABC News is reporting that air travelers were booking Delta flights for extremely low 'mistake fares' early Thursday, some costing as low as $20 for a round trip.

But by 10:45 a.m., ticket buyers were reporting that these extra low fares had disappeared from websites such as, Expedia, and Priceline.

Customers wondered on Twitter whether Delta would be honoring these fares, and in response,  Delta released this following statement:

"For a portion of the morning today, some prices on and other booking channels were incorrectly displayed, resulting in lower than usual fares for customers. The situation has been resolved, and the correct prices are being displayed. Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price."

ABC News reportedly found
$47 fares from New York City to Los Angeles -- a flight that would usually cost about $400.



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