Fairfax County deep into annual budget battle with schools, services

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(WJLA) - Hearings concerning the Fairfax County Public Schools Fiscal Year 2015 budget continued in the board of supervisors' chambers on Wednesday.

School division teachers, county residents and employees looked on as the board and staff worked out details of the new budget. 

Right now there's a $40 million difference between what the county is proposing for the schools and the  $2.5 billion proposed budget passed by the Fairfax County school board.

The school board's budget calls for $41 million in teacher raises - something that would be welcomed news for many of the county's educators.

"Right now, teachers are having a lot of difficulty surviving and living in Fairfax County," said Barrett Kashden, a McLean High School teacher who was present at Wednesday's board hearings.

That same budget calls for $96 million in cuts, including 731 school staff positions.

The county board of supervisors also has to consider the funding needs of other groups, such as Fairfax County's firefighters.

Without minimal raises for firefighters and paramedics, many fear the good talent will leave the county and find employment elsewhere.

"Trying to recruit and retain our paramedics is extremely difficult right now. It's a very competitive market," Fairfax County Fire Capt. Ron Kuley said.







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