Vets bike around Annapolis for 10th Annual Soldier Ride

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - A group of driven, ambitious veterans set out on a sunny Wednesday for a  bicycle ride around Annapolis.

But the ride wasn't about leisure; it was about awareness.

More than a dozen veterans rode in honor of the 10th Annual Soldier Ride,  a series of bike rides in several location across the U.S.

The Wounded Warrior Project sponsors the ride and provides veterans with the customize equipment  for free.

Sedricks Banks, an U.S. Army Veteran, was among those who rode the 17 miles around Annapolis.

Banks said he was wounded while in Iraq. He suffered a broken neck, a broken back and a traumatic brain injury while on duty.

Biking gives the veterans a goal to work toward and a real sense of accomplishment once that goal is reached.

"Seventeen miles today; and you keep thinking,'Can I do that?' And I do it and it's pretty easy," Banks said.

With a day of biking behind them, many of the veterans of looking forward to another day.  On Thursday, there will be a ride around the White House and a welcome by President Barack Obama.

"To get out on a bike and to get in the water and to do all the different things I've been able to do through the Wounded Warrior Project has really shown me I could get used to the new me and I can really enjoy life again," veteran Ernie Spycher said.

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