Bottle bomb set off in Largo AMC theater

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Theater goers at a Largo movie theater received quite a scare early Saturday morning. But this fright had nothing to do with what was on the screen.

For the second time in a week, a "bottle bomb" was found inside a local movie theater.

Police and fire crews were called to the AMC theater about 1:40 a.m. Saturday after someone set off what investigators describe as a "bottle bomb."

Last week, police evacuated 2,000 people from the AMC Tysons Corner Theaters, after someone set off two of the devices.

This time, 68 people self-evacuated. No one was hurt in either incident.

It's more of a pop than an explosion, experts say. The devices -- often a plastic bottle filled with acidic chemicals, and sometimes metals -- expand and blow apart with enough force to take off a hand.

Most movie patrons say they aren't deterred by what happened. But after previous incidents of violence at other theaters, they hope whoever did this will be caught soon.

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