Fence built on Purple Line path is source of neighborly dispute

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(WJLA) - Amid this oasis of inner-beltway serenity stands Ajay Bhatt and his six-foot wall of stress. These are the plans he says Montgomery County approved last spring, and in response, the 44-year-old hired a crew to rip out his decaying fence, and replace it with a much fresher enclosure:

"I spent $7,000 on the fence," he says.

Bicyclist Wayne Phyllaier saw the construction, and noted Bhatt’s new fence was on county property -- directly in the path of the proposed Purple Line.

Phyllaier emailed the county, which then sent Bhatt a $500 ticket. Bhatt, who is anti-Purple Line, considered it an attack:

"If I move it and the Purple Line comes, it's going to have to be taken down anyway. So it really doesn't make sense for me to move it at this point."

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