NIH police officer accused of road rage

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(WJLA) - On Monday afternoon along this stretch of I-270, NIH police officer 26-year-old Phillip Zhu is alleged to have pulled out a black Glock 19 and loaded the magazine. This took place as a terrified motorist in the next lane desperately tried to get away.

"I think that is road rage -- what could be so tragic that you have to pull a pistol on somebody driving down the highway?" asks Silver Spring resident Wesley Walker.

The motorist told police he was forced into Zhu’s lane, which apparently set the officer into a rage. The two men then got into a shouting match laced with obscenities, which only ended when a call finally went out to state police, who spotted Zhu’s Acura on I-270.

"Pulling a gun on someone because someone cut you off...You should just drive around with a gun on your head because people are going to cut you off all the time," says District resident Elizabeth Alexis.

The NIH says Zhu is a relatively new member of its 91-member police force, and is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of his case.

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