Angela Ayers, of Walkersville, Maryland, charged with prostitution after calling a police officer and offering sex

Angela Ayers, of Walkersville, Maryland, was charged with prostitution and possession of crack cocaine after calling a police officer and offering him sex. Photo: Frederick Police Department
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FREDERICK, Md. (WJLA) - A Maryland woman who cold-called a police officer and offered him sex has been charged with prostitution.

An officer with the Frederick Police Department's Drug Enforcement Unit received a phone call on Wednesday from a woman who obtained his phone number during a previous case, according to police. The caller was soon identified as Angela Ayers, of Walkersville, Maryland.

Ayers then "solicited the officer for a sexual act," police said. When asked by the officer if she knew who she was speaking to, Ayers replied that she did and then addressed the officer by a different name.

Ayers agreed to meet up with the officer and a price for sexual act. She was arrested upon arrival at the agreed location.

Officers found a "crack stem" containing suspected crack cocaine residue when Ayers was searched.

Ayers was taken to central booking and charged with solicitation of prostitution, possession paraphernalia and possession crack cocaine.

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