Former D.C. Mayor and now Councilman Marion Barry treated at hospital after car crash

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WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Former D.C. Mayor and now Councilman Marion Barry was treated overnight at Howard University Hospital after being involved in a head-on car crash on Saturday night.

Marion Barry. (file photo)

Barry tweeted from the hospital about 11:45 p.m. that he was "fine" and described the wreck he had been in as a "fender bender."

Barry tweeted Sunday afternoon that he was back home and resting.

The accident occurred about 9 p.m. near Pennsylvania Avenue SE and 30th Street.

Spokespeople for both police and Barry confirmed to ABC7 News that he was driving the wrong direction along a one-way stretch when he hit another car.

On Twitter, Barry - a known diabetic - said he was taken to the hospital after suffering a "hypoglycemic attack" that left him disoriented due to a low blood sugar level. The driver of the other car was reported to be okay following the crash.


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