November 1, 2012 - 11:14 AM
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Arch's latest reviews


Argo (R) - Ben Affleck's true life CIA comedy/thriller is solid

3 1/2 STARS

Flight (R) - Denzel Washington plays an alcoholic airline pilot who saves a plane full of passengers

Seven Psychopaths (R) - Hilarious, violent comedy with all-star cast -- all in the service of Christopher Walken

Looper - A sci-fi hit man goes back in time to put a hit on himself

The Master (R) - Epic story of religious leader Philip Seymour Hoffman and lost soul Joaquin Phoenix


The Sessions (R) - Touching story of paralyzed polio victim/writer-poet and his quest to find a partner for sex.  John Hawkes and Helen Hunt stand out

Smashed (R) - Indie drama starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an alcoholic first grade teacher

Frankenweenie - Tim Burton's black and white stop action animated tribute to Frankenstein -- a boy re-animates his dead dog. Not exactly a kiddie movie

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Sweet story of high school kids coming of age in the 1990s

Arbitrage (R) - Richard Gere plays a Wall Street icon covering up his losses and more

2 1/2 STARS

Cloud Atlas - Multiple stories connect humanity over the centures.  Three hours long

PItch Perfect - Anna Kendrick joins the choir in college satire of Glee


Alex Cross - Tyler Perry tries to change his image but fails as an action hero

Here Comes the Boom - High school teacher, Kevin James, turns to kickboxing to save Henry Winkler's music program. Some laffs


Taken 2 - You'll be the one taken if you fall for this weak sequel

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