September 26, 2013 - 06:47 AM
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Hope you see something good at the movies...


Blue Jasmine - Cate Blanchett gives an Oscar worthy performance in Woody Allen's updated "Streetcar Named Desire."

3 1/2 STARS

Rush (R) - Ron Howard's true life race car rival drama: exciting with a good message

Wadjda - Saudi Arabian tomboy's quest for a bicycle in repressive society

Short Term 12 - Brie Larson as a social worker with at risk teens. Powerful and realistic

The Butler - Forest Whitaker and Oprah re-live America's civil rights struggle

The Spectacular Now  - Miles Teller as high school drunk who grows up with the help of nice girl Shailene Woodley - lovely coming of age story


Elysium - Matt Damon sci-fi with some sly notes on immigration and health care

2 1/2 STARS

Prisoners (R) - Child abduction thriller has great power, but runs long

Baggage Claim - Light comedy - Paula Patton as a flight attendant looking for Mr. Right  (Hint: He live across the hall)

Blue Caprice (R) - Isaiah Washington plays DC sniper John Allen Mohammad - hard to watch psychological profile

The Family (R) - Robert DeNiro and family sent to rural France as part of the witness protection program.  With Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones

In a World... - Lake Bell plays a struggling voice coach trying to break into voice over work

The World's End - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's manic world ending pub crawl

We're the Millers - Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis impersonate a white bread middle American family to smuggle drugs


Insidious 2 - Sequel to thriller about people coming to our realm from "the other side"

Riddick (R) - The fourth installment of Vin Diesel's sci-fi, slasher, monster movie on a strange planet

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