Health Care Reform, "Turkeys of the Year", Congress Cuts Food Aid, HIV/AIDS Report Card

November 25, 2013 - 01:04 PM
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Today on NewsTalk  District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray speaks about cuts to the SNAP program.


Today on Newstalk

The Affordable Care Act is under intense fire, we spoke with one of the law’s chief backers, Ron Pollack of Families USA.

Washington Post columnist Bob McCartney talks about which local politicans made his annual "Turkeys of the Year" list. He also, spoke about Mayor Gray’s admission that the federal probe of his 2010 campaign is slowing his decision about 2014.

Walter Smith of DC Appleseed looks at the region’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and whether Blue Cross/Blue Shield is meeting its requirement to invest in the Washington area. 

And District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray spoke about Congress' cuts to the SNAP Program.

Watch the full hour here.








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