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1-on-1 With Gov. Hogan; A Healthcare Windfall for DC?; 1-on-1 with Vince Gray

March 19, 2015 - 12:00 PM

We aired an interview taped Wednesday in Annapolis with Gov. Larry Hogan, who discussed the legislature's response to his agenda.

Walter Smith of DC Appleseed talked about whether Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be forced to spend some of its excess reserves on community health care. Also: marijuana legalization and budget autonomy.

And we talked with former Mayor Vince Gray about Ron Machen's decision to return to the private sector, the street car program, marijuana and the Nationals. Watch today's full hour in the clips below. Click "Continue Reading" to see segments 2 through 4.

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Ron Machen Stepping Down; St. Patrick's Day Soberride

March 17, 2015 - 11:57 AM

Washington Post reporter Keith Alexander talked about prosecutor Ron Machen's decision to return to the private sector.
We took live coverage of Secret Service director Joseph Clancy's testimony before a House panel.

In our final segment we got a briefing on tonight's SoberRide from Kurt Erickson of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program.
Watch today's show in the clips below.

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