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The Pet Show with Dr. Katy March 23, 2013

March 23, 2013 - 11:30 AM

Watch this week's episode of the Pet Show.

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The Pet Show preview - March 23, 2013

March 22, 2013 - 01:18 PM
Eddie Underbite

On the show this week, we've got a very special canine guest, plus some super cool humans, too...oh, and an adorable adoptable kitty.

We're so happy to have Iain Langridge, General Manager of Petfinder, make his return to The Pet Show to tell us about the new Petfinder Seal of Approval Program.

This is a special designation for partner products, services and initiatives that have met strict pet-friendly criteria. The first three recipients are HomeAgain, PetFirst Healthcare and Thundershirt. We even have five Thundershirts to give away to our viewers courtesy of Petfinder and Thundershirt! Check out The Pet Show Facebook page Saturday after the show airs to see how to win!

Also, Iain tells us about the new and improved Petfinder App that you can download for your Apple or Droid product, and Dr. Katy gives her personal experience with the app. Did you know that Dr. Katy found her new pup Eddie Underbite throught this app?

Eddie was being fostered by Mutts Matter Rescue and with one look at his picture, Dr. Katy knew that he belonged with her family! Meet Eddie as he models the Thundershirt for you all!

Next, Tony Corbo, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch joins us to continue our conversation about the dramatic increase in dog and cat food imports from China, and what we can do to protect our pets. In the year 2000, only about 100,000 pounds of pet food was imported from China. In 2012 that number was over 95 million pounds.

It's an unbelievable increase, and it's important because of the number of deaths and illnesses being reported to the FDA since 2006.

We'll show you our interview with Kathy Parks of the Atlantic Shores Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, where we got to meet "Godrick," one of their first graduates from their "Puppy Love Program," a partnership between the community and Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Godrick is the largest Labrador Retriever that Guiding Eyes has ever had as part of their program, and he's now in New York where he's going through the final paces of determining his course in the organization. He's a gorgeous boy, and his story is quite touching. Special thanks to the super pet-friendly Residence Inn Arlington Capitol View for allowing us to shoot in their gorgeous hotel!

Finally, Danielle Bays, the Community Cats Manager from Washington Humane Society joins us with the gorgeous and ever-so-patient "Tammy," who's looking for a home. Tammy and Eddie did so well together! Danielle tells us about the impending "Kitten Season" and how we as a community can help!

Don't miss out, and make sure you check out our Facebook page to see how you can win a Thundershirt after the show!!!

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The Pet Show with Dr. Katy March 9, 2013

March 20, 2013 - 04:34 PM

Watch the March 9 episode of the Pet Show.

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The Pet Show with Dr. Katy March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013 - 11:30 AM

Watch this week's episode of the pet show.

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The Pet Show preview - March 16, 2013

March 15, 2013 - 11:19 AM

We've got some great guests on The Pet Show this week, and they're loads of fun!

Joining us first is Pascaline Clerc, Senior Director of Animal Research Issues from the Humane Society of the United States. Pascaline is talking to us about "Be Cruelty-Free Week," the first of its kind that HSUS is launching to educate the American public about the unnecessary suffering that animals endure for cosmetics and personal care testing, and how we can choose the products that we purchase more wisely.

She also tells us all about HSUS's Leaping Bunny designation that companies can earn, and what exactly that means. You can download the Leaping Bunny App on iTunes!

Next up, we've got the Kitty of the City herself - Jeannie Jones and her four-year-old "Pet Protector," Jordyn. Jeannie is a lifelong pet lover, and has passed it on to her precocious, bocacious, and absolutely precious daughter. You do not want to miss this little one's first television interview...she's vying for Dr. Katy's job!

Jeannie also brings us musician Robert Miranda, whose single "Addy's Song" is now available for purchase on iTunes. "Addy's Song" was inspired by Robert's rescue dog Addison, who also joins us on set, and a percentage of the proceeds from sale goes towards various animal rescue organizations, including the Washington Humane Society.

Finally, the Washington Animal Rescue League joins us with two incredibly Adorable Adoptable puppies...the puppy breath almost made Dr. Katy swoon!

Michelle Yue, Director of Behavior and Training, joins us to talk about WARL's training center, and how some simple commands can actually help to keep pets in their "Fur-ever Homes!" A great program that WARL runs, please check them out at

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The Pet Show preview - March 9, 2013

March 8, 2013 - 02:02 PM
Photo: Eric Udler/Super Pet Expo

This week on The Pet Show, we’ve got Team ASPCA, cruelty-free beauty, Super Pet Expo and an Adorable Adoptable from PWSPCA!

Kymberlee Setterberg, Director of Team ASPCA, joins us to tell us all about Team ASPCA and the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Nation’s Capital Full and Half-Marathon which is coming up on Saturday, March 16. Members of Team ASPCA have many perks, including guaranteed race entry to world-renowned race events, endurance training from professional coaches and access to a 16-week virtual training schedule, weekend travel accommodations, Official Team ASPCA merchandise and much more.

Team ASPCA provides an opportunity to help homeless, abused and injured animals across the country while keeping yourself and your own pets fit. A winning combination. There are still spots open on Team ASPCA, to learn more, to join, or to make a donation, visit

Next up, Sonya Gavankar-McKay, former Miss DC and current face of the Newseum, joins us with more cruelty-free products! For the past 3 weeks, Dr. Katy and Sonya have been trying out 3 products. First, Unmarx is a new favorite of Sonya’s! These products not only safely remove deodorant marks, pet hair and lint, they also go to support cancer research as 5 percent of every purchase is donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Second, Dr. Katy and Sonya tried out Keeki nail products and were impressed by these vegan, gluten-free, toluene and formaldehyde-free, and virtually odor-free products. While the polish remover doesn’t remove ‘regular’ nail polish, it works well with the Keeki products, and the polish comes in a wide variety of fun colors. Do follow the instructions, though, as the nail polish doesn’t last long unless you do all the recommended steps.

Lastly, one of Dr. Katy’s favorite products made the list: BabyGanics. These plant-based cleaning products are safe to use around kids and pets, and Dr. Katy’s been a fan for years. The floor cleaner, the all-purpose cleaner and the dishwashing liquid made ‘the try-outs,’ and all of them receive an A+ from both ladies. And while your house won’t have the ‘Pine-Sol’ smell, these products work, and they leave your house, and the air, cleaner than before you sprayed them.

Next on the show, Kathy Benner from The Animals House joins us to tell us all about the Super Pet Expo which is coming up March 15 through March 17. Dr. Katy will be at the event on Saturday, March 16 to judge the “Best Dressed Pet” contest, along with the guys from Rescue Ink. From dock-diving dogs, to talking parrots, to agility training, to treats and collars, this show has it all. Bring your pup and the kids, and come on out to join Dr. Katy and her gang at The Super Pet Expo next weekend!

Finally, Beate Begley and Terri Kellenberger join us from the Prince William Humane Society with an incredibly Adorable Adoptable kitty cat that is strikingly similar to the ever-so-famous “Grumpy Cat!” You’ve got to tune in to see this smushy-faced little love muffin named “Jewel.” Whoever said you can’t get pure-bred animals at a shelter was totally wrong, and this beautiful little Persian proves it beyond a doubt!

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The Pet Show - March 2, 2013

March 5, 2013 - 02:37 PM

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The Pet Show preview - March 2, 2013

March 1, 2013 - 11:12 AM
Photo: Katy Nelson

On the show this week, we've got double the adorable adoptable-ness, plus an update on what's happening on The Hill in animal news!

Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations, joins us to talk about how the ASPCA acts as an advocate for animals with our legislators.

Nancy gives us the ugly truth about horse slaughter and tells us about the bill being introduced in Congress to ban it. Many critics of this bill cite the inability of a humane way to dispose of failing horses as a reason to allow horse slaughter, but Nancy answers all those questions and more. Tune in to see what she says, and how you can help this legislation to go through.

Kerry McKeel and Sara Emery of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington join us with the Adorable Adoptable "Timber," a very large and furry example of the great work that they do at the AWLA! Kerry and Sara talk to us about their flexible, free and fundamentally important foster program at AWLA.

Fostering gives people the opportunity to volunteer from the comfort of their own homes, regardless of the nature of their personal and professional schedule. If someone is interested in fostering, AWLA provides all necessary supplies and medical care so there is no financial commitment needed from the foster volunteers.

By being a foster volunteer, you're helping AWLA continue their lifesaving work. And, since the foster animals are typically the most vulnerable animals in the shelter, the special care foster volunteers give these animals provides them with a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

Next, Linda Blum Huntington talks to us about being a "philanthrepreneur" and how she's helping the Washington Humane Society's Fashion for Paws by giving back. Linda works with Arbonne International and has pledged to give her sales commission (up to 35 percent) on certain products directly to WHS's Fashion for Paws campaign, from now until April 13!

These products are some of Dr. Katy's long time favorites and are cruelty-free, vegan and Leaping-Bunny certified! Check out The Pet Show Facebook page for product and ordering detail!

Finally, Patrick Cole from Animal Welfare League of Alexandria joins us with the Adorable Adoptable "Sophie!" This little lady may not be big in size, but she's got a larger than life personality...and a bald booty, which Dr. Katy couldn't resist!

Patrick introduces us to Rosemary's Senior Fund which has helped not only Sophie to get healthy during her stay at the shelter, but thousands of other animals. Also, Patrick tells us about Mardi Growl, their largest fundraiser of the year coming up on March 8 at The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

They're giving away two tickets to the event on The Pet Show Facebook page! Go now and enter our caption contest; AWLA staff will choose the winner to be announced Saturday afternoon after the show!

Tune in, and as always, you can follow Dr. Katy on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, and send us your questions for Dr. Katy to answer on air to

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