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Weather blogger Metcalfe blows into town

November 28, 2010 - 11:26 PM
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Greetings, weatherheads! Just a short introduction. I am TBD's new weather reporter, a bloggy complement to ABC 7's stable of weather pros. About me: My favorite cloud is mammatus, favorite precipitation is graupel and I used to cry during thunderstorms while growing up in Arlington. I mention that last bit in case any commenters from my family show up.

I'm a little reluctant to write about this — not because of the job, but because my laptop keeps on giving me a static shock when I touch it. Seriously, Bob? Doug? Can anybody explain the atmospheric disturbance causing this? In terms of what you can expect over the coming months on this blog, there will be pieces getting behind the science of our local forecasts, plenty of climate-change content and updates on the hottest weather stories of the moment. (And other stuff: Did you know people predict long winters using pig spleens?)

And forecasts. Lots and lots of forecasts to help you plan your day.

Expect heavy local coverage with members of ABC 7's weather team making frequent appearances. If you have suggestions on things you'd like to see on this blog, please drop us a comment. I will now let you get back to your morning, which is shaping up to be sunny and cool....

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