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Mayor Bloomberg now more popular than bin Laden on Twitter

December 30, 2010 - 12:17 PM
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MIT Media Lab

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has taken a public pounding this week for his handling of the East Coast snowstorm. Cars are still mired under snowdrifts, a snowplow been caught on film crushing a car and the city council has promised hearings to explore the "unacceptable" storm response.

But Bloomy's popularity is already beginning to rebound, at least according to one matrix. Twitter Weather, a program developed by MIT that ranks how Twitter users feel toward a topic along an emotional temperature scale of 1 to 100, shows that people using the social-media service now feel more positively about the mayor than they do about Osama bin Laden.

That's a big difference from the situation on Tuesday, when Twitter Weather gave Bloomberg a chilly emotional temperature of 37 degrees, compared to bin Laden's slightly warmer 41 degrees.

Bloomberg's likability rating on Twitter when this screenshot was taken put him above Hitler and Devil Run, whatever that is. Earlier today, he was neck and neck with both.

However, both the embattled mayor and bin Laden are still way more likable than Tucker Carlson, who is shivering in a blizzard with a 21 degree emotional ranking.

Here are some of the recent tweets reflecting the people's warming opinions of the mayor:

"andylevy: AAll of NYC rubbing salt in Mayor Bloomberg's wounds. #irony #thefunkind"

" TheWorld_IsTims: if i see bloomberg on the train again imma deadass give him a piece of my mind...(nothing physical)(feds be on twitter)"

"@pourmecoffee: Bloomberg recommending people prepare for next snow by having nanny lay out plenty of $20s to use as kindling for fire."

"@TheHappyRecap: Bloomberg saying the snow removal process was "inadequate" is like saying the 2007 Mets came up just a bit short."

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