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Radar image of Beebe bird flock itself looks like a bird (Graphic)

January 5, 2011 - 02:44 PM
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A 3-D radar image of the Arkansas bird flock and a rain shower (Courtesy of

Breaking 5:31 p.m. update: TBD's resident outdoorsman Dave Jamieson notes that the fanning structure at right looks like the butt end of a turkey. Truly a case for Unsolved Mysteries.

Sure, this in-depth investigation of what killed thousands of red-winged blackbirds in Beebe, Ark., is popping with great scientific material – 3-D images of the bird flock, NEXRAD video depicting the birds' flight patterns – but let's focus on what's really important.

That radar image of the bird flock itself looks like a bird.

What the hell, nature?

Anyway, if you're at all interested in what Accuweather's Jesse Ferrell concluded about the mass bird kill, it was probably noise like fireworks or gunshots that startled the birds out of their roost and caused them to fly around and bump into things until they died. That's in line with a likely explanation posited by a Smithsonian zoologist yesterday.

Ferrell mostly ruled out foul weather as a cause, because the passing storm system had moved 40 to 60 miles away by the time the birds first flew into the air the night they perished.

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