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The solar eclipse and the space station (Photo)

January 5, 2011 - 11:05 AM
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Credit: Thierry Legault

Welp, might as well stop taking pictures of solar eclipses because I'm pretty sure photographer Thierry Legault has captured the best one ever. You won't be able to tell why from the small version at left; click here for a closer examination.

Legault traveled to Oman to shoot the partial eclipse in the morning of Jan. 4 and got a two-for-one deal: The moon passing in front of the sun, but also the International Space Station whizzing like a fly over the solar surface. (The other blotches are sun spots.) The time window for this shot was less than a second.

Here's Legault's breakdown of the distances involved: "The image shows three planes in space: the Sun at 150 million km, the Moon at about 400000 km and the ISS at 500 km."

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